Let's see, what Translytix is all about?

Round 1: Case-Study Based

This event would be organized on the Dare2Compete platform. All the participating teams will get a case study on the registered email id with the number of questions to be solved. Participating teams need to solve the problems stated in the case and mail us back the solutions in the mentioned format. The rules and regulations of participation will be communicated prior to the round. Teams are allowed to make any inferences just as within the scope of the case. Top teams will be shortlisted for the next round based on the number of correct answers, fastest time to solve them and closest inferences made.

Rules for Round 1:

  • Team size should be 2-4 members.

  • One participant can be a part of only one team.

  • Any number of teams can participate from a college.

  • Rules and regulation sheet will be provided to all the teams 2 hours prior to the event.

  • Only one solution per team will be considered, i.e., from the registered mail.

  • No late submissions will be entertained. Kindly, adhere to the deadlines.

  • In case of any discrepancy, the final decision shall rest on the discretion of the Business Analytics Club.

Round 2: Infografia

This event would also be organized on the Dare2Compete platform. The shortlisted teams will get a case on their registered mail ids on which they will have to present the infographics within a week’s time. 7-10 top teams will be shortlisted for and their infographics will be posted on the BAC Facebook page. Teams are to share the post to get maximum likes and feedback comments. The teams getting the highest number of likes will get the highest score of 30, rest teams will get scores cumulatively. The infographics will be analyzed by the judges and results will be declared after totaling the scores of both the rounds.

Rules for Round 2:

  • No change in the participant teams (change/ exchange of participants) will be entertained.

  • The decision made by the Judges will be considered final.

  • The teams that are not abiding to the rules will be disqualified.

  • In case of any discrepancy, the final decision shall rest on the discretion of the Business Analytics Club.

Judging Criteria

For the case study round, the participating teams will be judged based on the scores of correct answers to the questions, time to solve and send the solutions and inferences made by the team on the case. The cumulative score will be taken and teams will be shortlisted. In the Infografia round, the shortlisted teams are given a real-time case and be given one week’s time. The teams are to make infographics and send it to us. The infographics will be judged by the expert judges and the final winner will be announced.


  • Winner: INR 6500 + Vouchers + Certificates

  • Runner-Up: INR 3500 + Vouchers + Certificates

What are the important dates & deadlines?
  • 6 Mar'20, 11:59 PM ISTRegistration Deadline

  • 8 Mar'20, 7:00 PM ISTRound 1, Transportation Dilemma