Let's see, what HMavericks is all about?

In today’s world, accessing information is very effortless. Therefore, professionals should be ready to face these informed candidates with experiences of their own. Learning and comprehending these skills can be done from peer-to-peer learning as every person perceive and behave differently in various situations which gives a wide perspective to every problem, giving a platform to understand important people skills.

Want to experience amalgamation of all the right skills required to be an HR Manager? Come aboard with us to the event organized by our team, understand all the proficiencies needed by an HR & experience them.

Our rounds are organized in such a way that your skillset is tested in each round. Some of the important skills which you need to be equipped to excel in our rounds are:

Communication Skills

The primary function of a typical HR professional’s job involves facilitating discussion between employees and employers. If an HR manager cannot communicate in an effective way, then it will be difficult for them to survive in an industry where every process involves disseminating information.

One strong aspect which gives people edge is a strong ability to conflict resolution. Even in the most agreeable workplaces, problems arise that need a diplomatic ear, an eye for assessment, and a hand for getting the problem settled. This particular skill is invaluable while negotiating solutions and keeping things on track.

Critical Thinking Skills

HR professionals frequently need to balance a complex situation, think out of the box and of the processes. Employees in companies already come from different backgrounds and depths so it falls upon HR managers to strategize their strengths and foster an environment where they can cultivate their growth.

An Ethical Approach to Human Resources

Each and every day, HR professionals across the world face ethical challenges in their daily work so as to keep a balance between employee’s lives and to protect the reputation of an organization. Adopting an unwavering ethical commitment in inclination with the vision and mission of the organization, this methodology encourages loyalty and trust among employees. It gives an equal opportunity for growth and excellence to every employee irrespective of their gender, religion or race. With ever-changing laws in our country it is important for Human Resource professional to be updated with every changing law and cultural shift so that to be prepared for the protection of rights of firms and employees.

Human Resource Knowledge

To be adaptive of all the new technologies and inventions in this profession so that they are prepared to meet halfway to every employee who are already trained and equipped with every new invention in the field. Your knowledge in this area needs to be greater than anyone else’s to support the objectives of employees and employers alike. After all, HR management is not just about talent acquisition, but also about retention.

H-Mavericks will encompass three rounds:

First Round: This round is a quiz round which will be conducted on D2C. It will have the basics of Human Resources and questions related to basic laws and functions of HR.

Second Round and Third Round will test you on the basis of the above-mentioned skills.

  • Team Size: 2-3 members

  • All members of a team should be from the same institute.

  • Students of all colleges are eligible.

  • The teams can have a mix of students of different years.

The question is, do you fancy yourself as the next big Human Resources Virtuoso?

Embark with us on this path and live the life of a professional where you get to showcase all the skills which you think is in inclination with a Human Resource Professional!

What are the important dates & deadlines?
  • 7 Mar'20, 8:00 AM       Registration Deadline