Let's see, what What's In The Brand? is all about?

Creativity is contagious, so let us spread it! What’s in the brand is an event for all those larger than life individuals who love to exploit their creativity to the fullest for learning. We all know that a brand is an offering that is characterized by certain elements. We the budding marketing enthusiasts of Vishwast- The Marketing Club of BITS Pilani want the rest of the country to flamboyantly offer to us that offering. This event is a perfect mix of fun and learning which will enhance the concepts like segmentation, targeting, positioning and branding through an interesting method.

For this Interface, this event has been revamped to inculcate more fun and more learning. Hence, if you want to showcase your creativity in creating an impact about a product, you are knocking at the right door. Register now to take part in the war of wits to win prizes worth ten thousand.

The event will be split up into 2 rounds.

  • Round 1: The first round will happen on D2C which comprises a quiz on recent marketing trends, mergers, and acquisitions, brand-related questions, marketing jargon related questions, questions on famous Marketing Gurus, etc.

  • The chosen few would have a product given to them beforehand so that they prepare an entire presentation about how they would launch their product. These presentations of the second round would be evaluated on parameters like content, strategy, business impact, creativity, and a few others. The teams would be given ten minutes to present their product followed by questions from the jury and the audience.

Today the advent of social media is being experienced like never before. We the members of  Vishwast- The Marketing Club believe that assimilating what we to transcend to the higher level is the highest form of innovation. Hence, there is an additional task of making a product viral on social media that would be considered to a great deal. Teams can creatively post about the fest, the event, the product or their experience to earn more score. The competing teams can also make creative ads and post them on designated platforms that would be given to them.

Harnessing social media is not new to us. Being the millennials of the modern era we know the game of social media exceptionally well. The more you promote the more you have a chance of winning the event.

A team can comprise of 4 people max. How they decide to promote the product given to them is completely up to them. The accommodation to all the competing teams will be provided inside the campus. The competing participants also have the advantage of witnessing Interface 2020’s other events.

The ultimate opportunists grab every opportunity to win! This event not only has its share of merchandises but also ample amount to experiential learning.

We hear, we forget! We see, we remember, we act, we learn and when we connect, we buy! Let us prove to the world that marketing is not just filling up the pail but the lighting of fire!

What are the important dates & deadlines?
  • 9 Mar'20, 12:00 AM Registration Deadline