Let's see, what Finstock is all about?

As a part of any business it is mandatory that we put our money to good use and if you’re in a bank using money is all that matters, we the Finomaniac present you with “Finstock”. This event is all about using investing money in things that matter for the highest portfolio gain.

Team size: 3-4 participants

Stock Trading:

Participants will be given a sample accounts with our partner Track Invest for a specific denomination to trade on a real-time basis for a period of one week. Finally, a set of top 10-15 teams will progress to the further round.


  1. Maximum profits at the End of the day for coupons

  2. Wealth Maximised over the week

Credit Rating:

In this round, a company will be provided to the participants, based on the pervious annual reports and newspaper articles, the participants will have to evaluate the decision to lend money to the company or not. The evaluation of the participants will be based on the strength of the case built to support their viewpoint. The participant will have to submit the report on time, in .PPT format in less than 10 Slides excluding, “Thank You”.
General factors to Consider for the report:
• Industry Risk, Distance to default of the company, Solvency and Outlook of the company.
• Financial Analysis giving more emphasis to cashflow generation is preferred.

Estimated Time of Event:

15 min. (10 min. – present, 5 min. – questions) Team, Totally 3-4 Hrs.