Let's see, what Go-Onsite is all about?

Going onsite is quite exciting. One of the main aspirations of each employee after joining an organization is to go onsite. Traveling to a new place and exploring their culture and cuisines, immersing into a new life abroad, mastering a new language, expanding the social and professional network, acquiring new technical and interpersonal skills, improving communication, getting great working opportunities and new projects, doesn’t it sound too exciting? It is a dream come true for many employees. But there are many pros and cons when it comes to working in this location-specific work environment. HR managers should ensure a safe and thriving environment for all employees, help the company comply with employment law, facilitate positive employee relations through the development of employee management strategies resolve workplace disputes, be involved in training and development, and provide the business with necessary tools to define and influence organizational culture.

Going onsite can be compared to a child's first day at school. Till that day, the child grew up in a cozy, protected atmosphere of his house. Suddenly one day he faces a new environment, a whole new group of people he has never seen before, a different culture and the rest of the story is how he gradually adapts to this change.

A manager’s responsibility is to critically analyze and decide which employees are best suited to go and work for an onsite project. It would depend on various factors such as the domain of the project available onsite, project-specific requirements, whether the employee will be able to handle the challenging onsite situations, whether he has the required technical skills to work on the project, adaptability to cultural change, etc. While many employees willing to take up the onsite opportunities, some employees may not be willing to take up the offer as they might not be ready to go onsite, are not willing to relocate to a new place, do not want to come out of their comfort zone, etc. These reasons make them turn down their offer. Convincing such employees to take up the opportunity for a particular payroll and asking them to go onsite is a tough job for an HR manager.

Gear up for the event to test your negotiation and persuasion skills.

The event would be conducted in two rounds:

Round 1: The first round will be a screening round consisting of a business quiz of 30 minutes testing the team’s awareness about global cultures and customs.

Round 2: The final round will be held on campus where the shortlisted teams will have to convince the employees to go to a particular country and accept the payment. The team will be judged on the way how they accomplish this task in a given time frame.

What are the important dates & deadlines?
  • 9 Mar'20, 4:00 PM  Registration Deadline